Modern lines. Ancient technique.

Organic in form and material, Patty's handfelted designs are the result of an ancient technique that transforms raw wool into a solid, nonwoven fabric. Her designs are created slowly, carefully and consciously, laying out the wool layer upon layer and fusing other fabrics in the process to create unexpected textures. They are at once unique and simplistic, luxurious and hearty, made to become a cherished item in your home.

About Felting

Handfelted wool is a labor of love, taking many hours to create a solid fabric from the most simplest of things - wool, water, oilve oil soap and body power. It is also a labor intensive one that can't be rushed. Patty uses wool that has been cleaned and carded, tufted out into many layers high. With the introduction of water and olive oil soap, the scales of each fiber open up and they begin to entangle. Many hours of hand rubbing and rolling later, the wool begins to tighten and become firm, reducing in size to become a solid textile.

About Patty

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Patty melds her background in interior store merchandising, fashion design and antique rug restoration to create her one-of-a-kind textiles. She has always been drawn to handwork and the simplistic approach yet intense concentration it takes to create a design from nothing to a tangible design. Her love of felting is twofold -  to keep this ancient technique relevant in our mass produced world and the hopes that others will learn the importance of furnishing ones home with thought.