Process: Slow, Careful, Conscious

There is delightful, modern-day, craftsman energy to Patty’s studio. She has masterfully repurposed all manner of material and tools to hone her felting technique while using everyday objects in unexpected ways.

Taking multiple days to complete, Patty crafts each piece by hand. As the materials are laid out, layer by layer, the work shrinks and shifts, lending an organic and unpredictable quality to the magic of her felting work.

Whereas cloth or fabric is woven or knit from spools of thread, felt is made from unspun sheep wool. It’s a slow process where each layer of wool is carefully laid against the grain of the layer beneath. Using olive oil soap and warm water the fibers are moistened, removing all the air. This moisture allows the barbs of the wool to open and gentle agitation causes them to entangle, creating a dense, unwoven, fused textile.